3mm Eccentric Spacers 6mm Bore Set

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3mm Eccentric Spacers 6mm Bore Set

For sale is a 9-piece set, comprising 4 eccentric spacers, 4 regular concentric spacers, and an adjusting spanner, all with a 3mm thickness. These spacers are designed for creating V-slot linear rails gantry carriages based on OpenBuilds C-beam gantry plates.

This set is an ideal kit for upgrading a standard V-slot/C-beam XLarge carriage plate with larger M6 bolts. The M6 bolts offer increased stiffness compared to the standard OpenBuilds M5 bolts, resulting in improved accuracy for milling on your OpenBuilds CNC. Upon request, we can also supply V wheels with 6mm bearings to complement our eccentric spacers.

Please note that some DIY work is required to adapt a standard XLarge OpenBuilds gantry plate to our M6 spacers. Firstly, our eccentric spacers require 8mm holes, so the standard 7.2mm holes of the XLarge plate need to be re-drilled with an 8mm drill bit. Holes for standard spacers should be re-drilled from 5.1mm to 6mm using a 6mm drill bit. If necessary, 2mm deep recess holes may also need adjustment.

If you require an XLarge plate, we can provide a complete solution by modifying the standard C-Beam XLarge plate for you and installing your eccentric spacers with wheels.


  • 4 pieces of eccentric spacers
  • 4 pieces of standard 3mm spacers
  • Adjusting spanner for eccentric spacers


Items you may need but NOT provided in the package:

  • V wheels with 6mm bearings
  • 30mm M6 bolts and nyloc nuts
  • 6mm regular spacers with 6mm bore
  • XLarge C-beam plate

If you need any of these items, please feel free to contact us.

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