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Introducing the latest series of CNC routers – GOLiAT V2.0. We’re excited to unveil our newest innovation, currently in development: a rack & pinion type CNC router. Our mission is clear – to set a new standard in performance tailored for advanced hobbyists and light industrial use. We’re dedicated to delivering a machine that’s not only high-performing but also easy to assemble and budget-friendly.

Rack & pinion CNC systems are renowned for their high-speed operation and precision. In line with our commitment to innovation, we’re in discussions with a leading offline CNC controller manufacturer. Our aim is to offer our machines with optional offline controllers, eliminating the need for a computer setup. These controllers will support up to 6 axes and include RTCP functionality, allowing for the seamless expansion of our 3-axis CNC to accommodate additional axes.

Anticipate the release of our new CNC router in autumn 2024. For further information about this exciting addition to our product lineup, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We look forward to discussing how our GOLiAT V2.0 can meet your CNC machining needs.


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Enhancing CNC Machinery with SFU 1605 Rotating Ball Nut Design


In the world of CNC machinery, every component plays a crucial role in achieving optimal performance. At IT-TECH, we’re proud to introduce our innovative spinning ball nut system that aims to improve CNC machinery. In this article, we’ll explore the unique features of our spinning ball nut, where the ball nut itself spins on the gantry, while the ballscrew remains static. We’ll also discuss why this design choice is valuable, especially in larger CNC machinery.

IT-TECH’s Rotating Ball Nut: A Technical Details

Our spinning ball nut system is designed for well known SFU 1605 ballscrews. It features a 30 Teeth drive pulley made of #45 galvanised steel, accommodating an HTD 5M timing belt up to 20mm of width. The housing of the driven ball nut is made from aluminum, ensuring a lightweight yet durable design. Whole part component measures just 55x52x42mm in size and is almost the same size like standard SFU1605 ball nut housing. The smooth rotation of the ball nut is provided by two premium quality deep groove ball bearings F6805 type.

Mounting the IT-TECH spinning ball nut to the gantry plate is straightforward, requiring just four M5 bolts. This easy installation process makes our solution versatile and suitable for a wide range of CNC setups, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional CNC machinery operator.

Advantages of Spinning Ball Nut in Larger CNC Machinery

  1. Vibration Reduction: Our unique design minimizes or eliminates the whip-like vibration effect seen in traditional rotating ballscrews. With the ballscrew remaining static and the spinning ball nut doing the work, there’s no chance for it to induce unwanted vibrations, ensuring precision.
  2. Improved Accuracy: The reduced vibration leads to improved accuracy and repeatability. In larger CNC systems, even tiny vibrations can result in errors over long travel distances. IT-TECH’s spinning ball nuts help mitigate this issue, ensuring consistent and precise machining.
  3. Longer Ballscrew Lengths: Because our spinning ball nut is designed for the popular SFU 1605 ballscrew type, it becomes feasible to use longer SFU 1605 ballscrews in larger CNC machinery. This extended length allows for more extensive machining capabilities, making it possible to create larger workpieces.
  4. Energy Efficiency: IT-TECH’s spinning ball nuts often require less energy to operate compared to traditional designs, thanks to reduced friction and the elimination of vibration-induced losses. This can lead to cost savings over time.
  5. Reduced Maintenance: With fewer dynamic components, IT-TECH’s spinning ball nut systems tend to require less maintenance and have a longer service life, contributing to decreased downtime and increased productivity.
  6. Fastest Feedrate: You can achieve the highest milling feedrate using our rotating ball nut by using a larger 60-tooth drive pulley on the stepper motor. In this way you can double the maximum speed of the gantry.”

Adaptable for DIY Enthusiasts and Professional Setups

One of the most exciting aspects of IT-TECH’s spinning ball nuts is their versatility. They are suitable for professional CNC setups and can be embraced by DIY enthusiasts and custom CNC machinery builders. Whether you’re creating a small-scale DIY CNC router or setting up a professional CNC machining center, the benefits of our driven ball nut in terms of speed, reduced vibrations, and extended ballscrew lengths remain equally relevant.

The Future: IT-TECH’s Innovative Advancements

At IT-TECH, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in CNC technology. Currently our ballnut system design is in a testing stage. Our aim is to release our product at the end of 2023 year. For any question or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rotating Ball Nut
Rotating Ball Nut

UPDATE. Rotating Ball nut just arrived!

We are accepting orders from our online store. It can be found in: Machinery Kits>Pre-assembled Parts

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New precise GOLiAT CNC router line


Intruducing the GOLiAT CNC Rounters line

We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new GOLiAT CNC router lineup. Our primary objective was to create a CNC machine that is not only robust and accurate but also easy to assemble and relocate when needed. This led us to the development of our GOLiAT line of CNC routers, which can be mounted directly onto the workspace or a pre-prepared flat work surface, resulting in a significant reduction in machine costs.

We offer a diverse range of router sizes, starting from a compact 330mm up to a spacious 1050mm working area. Additionally, we have designed a user-friendly GRBL integrated 3-Axis controller box capable of handling both powerful Nema 23 and smaller Nema 34 stepper motors.

The cost of our smallest CNC machine, with a 330x580mm working area, begins at just under £600.

For more details on our CNC routers, please visit our online shop’s MACHINERY KITS section. You can also see the impressive performance of our GOLiAT CNC machines by visiting our IT-TECH YouTube channel.

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Large 40120 C-Beam Extrusion

Larger C-beam
Large 40120 C-Beam

Introducing the Premium Large 40120 C-Beam Linear Rail Extrusion

Discover excellence with our top-tier aluminum C-track heavy-duty extrusion, meticulously engineered for the most demanding applications. This versatile profile is the ideal foundation for crafting larger CNC machines, large-format 3D printers, as well as plasma and laser cutting machines. Unlike traditional C-beam 4080 extrusions, which often suffer from excessive deflection when used in larger CNC machinery, our robust C-aluminum extrusion is here to redefine the standards.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored Accessories: We offer a comprehensive range of accessories designed exclusively for this aluminum guide rail profile, including gantry plates, end plates, nuts, and lead screws.
  2. Inspired by Excellence: Our C-section extrusion draws inspiration from the OpenBuilds original C-beam rails but stands out with its increased size, width, and weight, approximately twice the weight of a standard C-Beam.
  3. Enhanced Gantry Plate: Our gantry plate is sturdier (8mm thickness compared to the original 6mm) and more substantial (165x118mm compared to OpenBuilds’ 125x125mm Xlarge plate).
  4. Precision Engineering: The gantry plate can accommodate 8 “W” Delrin or Xtreme roller wheels, fastened to the plate with larger M6 bolts (as opposed to OpenBuilds’ M5 bolts), resulting in superior rigidity and reduced deflection. One side of the “W” wheels features eccentric spacers for precise wheel positioning and zero play.
  5. Versatile Design: Our gantry plates can also be used as double-sided plates to create a robust “closed-up” gantry system, crucial in CNC machinery environments prone to dust and milling chips. End plates are available upon request.
  6. Our Unique Design: This design is entirely our own, meticulously crafted, and manufactured in partnership with a reputable factory.

Included in this listing:

  • Large 40120 C-Beam extrusion guide rail
  • Gantry plate with Xtreme bearing rollers, featuring 8 wheels, each securely fastened with M6 stainless steel bolts. Four of these wheels include eccentric spacers for precision adjustment.
  • Extrusion end plates (pair) with end flange bearings suitable for 16mm diameter leadscrews.

Available Lengths:

For your convenience, we offer a range of lengths: 300mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm. If you require a longer rail, please reach out to us, and we’ll be delighted to assist.

Beyond CNC: The utility of our C-Track rail extends beyond the CNC industry. Construct lengthy sliding rails for various applications with our gantry plates’ impressive load tolerance. From heavy sliding doors to bespoke projects, our C-Track rail can handle it all.

Share Your Project: Simply share your project idea with us, and we’ll advise you on the suitability of our sliding rail. As an example of our capabilities, here’s a 3500mm long belt-driven actuator based on C-Track extrusion rail that we designed and made for one of our satisfied clients:


Update 23/11/2022

Here is quick test of our first CNC actuator based on Large 40120 C-Beam extrusion.

Example of large CNC that can be built using our 40120 C-Track linear rail.