SFU 1605 Rotating Ball Nut

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SFU 1605 Rotating Ball Nut

Introducing our latest design, the SFU 1605 Rotating Ball Nut, dedicated to use with SFU 1605 ball screws. This innovative ball nut is engineered for “active gantry” CNC machinery. In this type of setup, a stepper motor is mounted on the gantry plate to drive the rotating ball nut attached to the gantry plate, while the ball screw remains static(fixed) on the linear axis. This configuration offers a significant advantage: it eliminates vibrations in the ball screw, even at higher speeds. This limitation has previously prevented  CNC manufacturers  and DIY enthusiasts from building large CNC tables based on SFU ball screws. The Rotating Ballnut, also known as the “driven ball nut,” overcomes this limitation.

We have chosen to design a rotating ballnut for an SFU 1605 ballscrew type. This particular ballscrew is known for being one of the most popular and cost-effective options on the market. We firmly believe that creating a precise DIY CNC machine should not require a substantial financial investment. Carefully selecting the right components, we aim to produce a reliable rotating ballnut that doesn’t need to come with a high price tag.

We also have SFU1610 Ballnut in stock if required. If SFU1610 required, please contact us before or   straight after purchase and tell us about your SFU1610  ballnut requirement.


SFU 1605 Rotating Ball Nut
SFU Rotating Ball Nut by IT-TECH


Suitable SFU 1605 Ball screw and accessories can be found here:

SFU 1605 Rotating Ball Nut



  • 1 piece of  fully assembled ball nut, as shown in the photos (please note that this does not include the ball screw).

The ball nut will be carefully packaged with a protective tube to prevent the loss of bearing balls during shipping.


This ballnut additionally requires HTD 5M closed loop belt and HTD 5M drive pulley for a stepper motor (not included in the package). It is up to the buyer to choose what size of pulley and what length of belt they need to achieve desired gear ratio and speed/torque. We recommend using 30 teeth or less HTD 5M pulleys for stepper motors. To attach belt, whole ballnut need to be disassembled, plase note.

Additional information

Weight 251 g



Aluminium + carbon steel

Ball nut type

SFU 1605

Ballnut lead


Rotating bearings

2 x F6805ZZ

Mounting holes

M5 thread, 44x30mm distance

Outer diameter


Rotating pulley

Carbon steel, HTD 5M, 26 Teeth

Timing belt required

HTD 5M type, 15mm width(not included)


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