New Tension C-Beam End Plate Kit

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Tension C-Beam End Plate Kit

Product Description: Introducing our new Tension C-Beam End Plate Kit, designed for seamless mounting of a Nema 23 stepper motor to the C-Beam linear actuator. This kit includes the following components:

  • 2 end motor mounting plates
  • 2 flanged bearings (688ZZ)
  • 2 thrust bearings
  • 1 brass tension nut (TR8x8)

The Tension End Plate System is engineered to eliminate the “whip” effect often observed in standard “compression” C-Beam end mounting plate systems, which utilize 8mm collars mounted on the inner side of the end plates. Our Tension End Plate System operates differently: the tension nut is installed on the outer side of one end plate, and from the motor side, the leadscrew is secured by an aluminum coupling (please note that the coupling is not included in this kit).

Benefits of the Tension End Plate System:

  • Allows for the use of longer lead screws
  • Supports higher speeds without the “whip” effect
  • Provides a stable Nema motor mounting method based on four aluminum spacers, in contrast to the standard end mounting plate’s use of only two aluminum spacers.

To see the Tension End Plate System in action, please refer to the attached video demonstrating a 1200mm long actuator test performed at a speed of 5000mm/min (196ipm).

Tension C-Beam End Plate Kit


Test of Openbuilds Tension Actuator Video will open in a new window



  • C-Beam end tension plate kit

Additional information

Weight 200.0 g

OpenBuilds Parts

Plate Material

Anodized aluminium

Plate Dimensions


Bearing type

2x 688ZZ + 2x 8mm bore thurst bearings


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