New 6040-MGN CNC Router Mechanical Kit

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6040-MGN CNC Router Mechanical Kit

For sale a new “MGN” line of CNC desktop routers, suitable for engraving/milling in such materials as: wood, plastics, epoxy resin sheets, soft metals. It is a variation of a 6040 CNC router which contains 4x  Nema 23 motors( 2 x motors for Y-axis). Two motors for Y-axis provide better, more stable and stronger movement.

This build is based on decent MGN12H bearings and MGN12 hardened steel rails and 2080 extrusion profiles. It provides much more stability and accuracy than builds based on Openbuilds Delrin wheels or Chinese construction CNC routers based on SCS or SBR ball bearings. The Z-Axis module contains Japanese high quality LM16LUU linear bushings. Our 6040-MGN CNC Router Mechanical Kit is reinforced with hardened steel MGN12 rails, which significantly increase the accuracy of cutting in engraved or milling materials.

We sell pre-assembled mechanical parts machines with stepper motors & drag chains.  However some assembly is required. Gantry side bridge arms and front/back plates of the router are made of hard bakelite which has tensile strength comparable to aluminium gantry arms of same thickness. It is also much lighter than aluminium. Thanks to that, our machine kit weighs just about 18kg. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble and will fit easily  on a mid-size desk.

Also, we made a great effort to design a machine where  rails and transmission screws will be as much as possible separated from the working area, so dust and chips will not  gather on rail and screws. It will  increase the life of  moving components( bearing slide blocks, anti backlash nuts). 6040-MGN is a perfect tool to start your CNC milling journey.


Price do not include controller/driver board or 65mm palm router. Suitable GRBL controller box and a 65mm palm router can be found in our store.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check and tighten all screws, especially MGN rail M3 bolts, also machinery needs to be aligned and angles must be set with precise probing tools, to achieve a best milling accuracy. Do this, unscrew gantry bolts a little and set 90 degree angles, then tighten bolts back .


  • TMC 2160  drivers allow to connect more powerful Nema steppers, up to 4.33A per motor
  • FluidNC firmware uploaded
  • microSD card support
  • 400W integrated PSU
  • Limit switches support
  • Z-axis probe support
  • Built-in power socket  supports M3/M5 G-code command for software controlled spindle motor power on/off function.
  • WiFi  connection support( operation via Website based GUI)
  • XYZ Axis( dual Y-axis), limit switch and probe easy mounting plugs included.

Required MDF spoilboard size is 433x680mm(not provided, must be bought separately). 5mm diameter holes must be drilled in spoilboard and screwed into the aluminium v-slot profiles of CNC router by provided 9x pieces of M5x20mm bolts and t-nuts.

Here is short surfacing test of the router at 1500mm/min feedrate:

6040-MGN CNC Router Mechanical Kit



  • Pre-assembled mechanical parts of CNC Router Mechanical Kit with stepper motors,drag chains and  stepper motor cables.

We will need 3-5 working days to assemble and test the CNC machine before it is dispatched to the client , please note.

Additional information

Weight 18200.0 g



Aluminium extrusion, hardened steel MGN12 rails, bakelite

Stepper motor type

4 x Nema 23

Motor Torque

175 oz*in /per motor

Motor step angle

1.8 degree

Motor peak current


Voltage range accepted

24 – 48VDC

Linear bearings

8 x Linear MGN12H blocks + 2x LM16LUU linear bearings

Leadscrew Type

ACME TR8x8, 8mm per revolution

Spindle motor mount

65mm diameter, suitable for Makita/Katsu palm router

Max. Milling/Engraving Feedrate:


Milling Accuracy


Working/milling area


Router dimensions



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